How to run multiple mongoose instances on the same Windows-7 workstation

  1. My goal is:Run more than one instance of mongoose web server on the same machine
  2. My actions are:Serve different files to differrent people on different ports
  3. The result I see is:People to see different content when they access the same machine on a different port
  4. My expectation & question is:

(a) how can I accomplish this goal (this is going to be used at my home, which is kinda crowded nowadays)
(b) more grandiose question is, where can I find a cheat sheet or a user manual for mongoose web server regarding what it can and can not do? I am not a programmer and do not need the documentation about how to incorporate it into my project with APIs etc. I need more of an end user manual for the lack of a better word.
I tried the command mongoose /? but the executable interpreted the “?” as the configuration file name and complained about not being able to find it, where I expected it to dump a list of command line options, like a simplified help page.

Thanks in advance.