Using jquery and bootstrap offline for a webserver

So I have been working on a project that involves reading data from a sensor and then displaying that data on a web page using an esp32 microcontroller. To make the web pages responsive, I would like to use Bootstrap but I think the jquery and bootstrap files are to big to fit in the limited space of the file system.

Is there another way I can include these files onto my device so that the html pages can access them offline?

I noticed that the mos wizard page uses bootstrap. When mos is flashed onto my esp32 device, are the jquery and bootstrap files included somewhere or are they called through the internet?



  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland
    edited March 18

    Nope, neither bootstrap nor jquery is part of the filesystem by default.
    You can download bootstrap and jquery dynamically from CDN, provided that there is Internet access when you're browsing your device.

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